The Web Hosting Quicky

Web Hosting

Many of our clients are a small business who have little to absolutely no knowledge of how web hosting works. Fortunately, we see that less and less. None the less the first post will go over the basics.

Hosting providers can be found offering some services in various sizes to match any buyers requirement’s for their new website. A personal page, a weblog or perhaps a new business’s website? Regardless of that, you can find hosting providers on the market who will help you in setting it up and get started. Sites like are great to help in this research.

One of the biggest hosting providers is plus they have already been around for quite awhile. hosting plans range from twelve to thirty dollars a year and come in a large variety of plans. One of their competitors is, and like they have a range of services available to suit any of your needs.’s prices range from five dollars to fifteen for essential services, and there are more elaborate packages to choose from. These are just some of the hosting providers on the market nowadays, but there are much more out there with good prices and excellent services.

Hosting providers on the larger scale can be the best for most buyers and their needs. A bigger hosting provider, such as, has a selection of packages that can work for various types of websites, especially smaller sites. The fees are another point for a bigger hosting provider as they are incredibly cheap. With the current state of the economy in mind, many individuals are trying to spend less wherever they could. Hosting providers that have kept their number of customers lower (like GreenGeeks) may be slightly more expensive, but they often specialize and offer premium quality services.

This was just a small introduction of what are the website hosting companies that we work with. We will continue writing about web hosting in a whole sequence. has some great tips for FatCow if you cannot wait. In the next article, we will talk about the different types of web hosting.